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FIFA World Cup 2014 - qualification - All Zone - 22-26 march 2013

Europe Zone:   Israel vs Portugal - 1st half         720p 50fps Rus   Israel vs Portugal - 2nd half   Czech Republic vs Denmark - 1st half  720p 50fps Eng\Ara   Czech Republic vs Denmark - 2nd half   San Marino vs England - 1st half      720p 50fps Eng\Ara   San Marino vs England - 2nd half   Norway vs Albania - 1st half          720p 50fps Ara   Norway vs Albania - 2nd half   Spain vs Finland - 1st half           720p 50fps Eng\Ara   Spain vs Finland - 2nd half   France vs Georgia - 1st half          720p 50fps Eng\Ara   France vs Georgia - 2nd half   France vs Spain - 1st half            720p 50fps Eng\Ara   France vs Spain - 2nd half

Other Match : in process...

Azian Zone:

Australia vs Oman         480p ara
Uzbekistan vs Lebanon  480p ara
Jordan vs Japan             480p ara

North America Zone: Final stage

match day 1:
Honduras vs USA                                    480p eng\ara
Panama vs Costa Rica                             480p eng\ara
Mexico vs Jamaica                                  480p eng\ara
match day 2:
Honduras vs Mexico 1st half  2nd half   720p fra
Jamaica vs Panama                                 480p ara
USA vs Costa Rica 1st half 2nd half
match day 3:
Panama vs Honduras                                480p eng
Costa Rica vs Jamaica                             480p eng
Mexico vs USA  1st half  2nd half          720p fra

African Zone:

Tanzania vs Morocco                             480p ara
Algeria vs Benin                                     480p fra
Cote d'Ivoire vs Gambie                        480p fra
Nigeria vs Kenya                                    480p eng

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