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FIFA World Cup 2014 - qualification - All Zone - June 2013

4 June 2013

Japan vs Australia 1st half  2nd half                       720p English/ Russian/ Serbian
                                1st half  2nd half                       720p Arabic

Oman vs Iraq          1st half  2nd half                       720p Arabic

Qatar vs Iran          1st half  2nd half                       720p Arabic

Jamaica vs Mexico 1st half 2nd half                         720p English/ Arabic

7 June 2013

Portugal vs Russia 1st half  2nd half                      720p English/ Stadium

Mali vs Rwanda   download                                  480p English  

11 June 2013

Australia vs Jordan Part1 Part2 Part3                     720p English

Korea Republic vs Uzbekistan Part1 Part2 Part3  720p English\Russian\Serbian

Iraq vs Japan    1st half  2half                                  720p Arabic

Iran vs Lebanon Download                                    480p Arabic

Jamaica vs USA  1st half  2nd half                          720p English/ Arabic

16 June 2013

Ethiopia vs South Africa download                       576p Amharic

Tanzania vs Cote d'Ivore download                      480p English

Mali vs Benin  download                                       480p English

18 June 2013

Australia vs Iraq   1st half  2nd half                                         720p English\Russian\Serbian

Korea Republic vs Iran  1st half (first 15min)  2nd half            720p English\Russian\Serbian
                                         1st half  2nd half                                720p Arabic

Uzbekistan vs Qatar      1st half  2nd half                                 720p Arabic

Jordan vs Oman            1st half   2nd half                                576p English\Russian\Italian


  1. Do you have Oman vs Iraq and Qatar vs Iran en 420p pleasee??? Thank you in advance.

  2. Why aren't you uploading Lebanon vs thailand or Lebanon vs south korea? Are you racist?

    1. Lebanon vs thailand
      Lebanon vs south korea - this match is not recorded

  3. is any chance you can upload the Australia and Iraq game on the 18 of June. Please thank you so much

  4. Thanks buddy for the videos >> looking forward to download Jordan V. Oman :)